Monday, July 8, 2013


I am currently still in a rage - I call my major flares within my constant flare a RAGE - because that is what it feels like - like my body is a hot bloody rage over something!  It started on Friday while at work - typically they last 3-5 days and are centered around my PMS time.  I am now on day 4 and praying this ends soon!  I keep thinking it can't get any worse - but it does.  My legs are now a raw bleeding mess - waking up scratching them and my arms to pieces.  My neck was doing better, but went back to a red hot mess with this rage.  I can find no relief except in my music.  Even that is on/off depending on how truly bad I am feeling at any given moment.  Have cried every day since Friday.  Can't seem to deal with this right now.  I keep praying and praying for relief.

Anyway here is my debate - I am terrified of this getting infected.  After tomorrow, I will not be going back to work for awhile until my skin clears some.  I come into too many germs at work and I am wondering if this latest rage is from my body fighting an infection.  I do not have a fever, but it still concerns me as I was not able to keep from scratching at work.  I have a prescription for an antibiotic from my derm - he told me to use it whenever I felt I was overloaded with staph on my skin.  I don't know for sure if my skin is infected or not - I don't have all the tell tale signs, but I have a few - which are part of TSW - so it is hard to tell.  All I know is the swelling on my arms is so much worse - I can barely get my loose fitting shirts on because they are too tight on my arms.  Bending my arms is painful because of all the swelling.  I know that this is part of TSW, but again,I am also being exposed to a significantly large number of germs at work.

So I will ponder this some more and make a decision by tomorrow.  Not happy about taking antibiotics, but then again if it helps even a little, then it will be worth it.

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  1. can someone (derm, or dr.) take a sking sample and determine if you have an infection? Or would a blood test show something? That way you could get a definite yes or no? Hmmm. Hard call, but since this is even unusual for your flares, and you are this far along, it may very well be an infection. Unless this may be a 'last hurrah'? There really should be a manual on this! Ha!

    Hoping you find relief SOON! And do feel free to call anytime, even if you are a crying mess. I will just listen. That's what sis's are for :-)

    Love you,