Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stop the SCRATCHING!!!!!

Like that is possible!  Just tell me not to breathe while you're at it!  It's about equal!  You can only hold your breath so long before you HAVE to breathe!  But scratching the skin open is a serious problem for us TSW warriors!  It invites bacteria and viruses that make our body have to fight even harder to get better!  The sores then itch more when healing, making the itching and scratching even worse!

For the last 5 months I have given myself free will to just scratch away - couldn't fight it so I just gave in - mindlessly as I have itched for most of my life - the scratching and the picking at the skin became a mindless habit.  But with the infection I recently had, I decided it was time to take this matter into my hands (or literally OUT of my hands!).  Some great people on the forums have offered suggestions for what to use instead of the nails.  One of my friends had a picture of her legs - there is no open sores!!! She has many bruises from the deep scratching with her brush, but just seeing no broken skin made me jealous!!  I want my skin to not hurt so much from the open dry cracked areas!  So I was going to order a few brushes online but had to do something TODAY!  And so I grabbed my comb!  It tore my skin ever so slightly on the bad open areas, but didn't make me bleed.  It satisfies the itch as much as my nails, but so far no bleeding!  Yeah!!!! step at a time!

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  1. I'm really bad with rubbing :( I end up rubbing all the skin off my face and it oozes. So grim!