Friday, July 12, 2013

Woo- Hoo!!! I Broke A SWEAT!!!!!!

Sorry to put out a second post, but I am psyched!!!!  I got on my elliptical today - like I have every day since last week when hubby put it together for me.  I was going to only do 5 minutes a day for the first week and go up slowly, but my body seems to crave the exercise.  I have been increasing almost daily - yesterday I was up to 15 minutes.  But was not sweating - have yet to sweat all these months in TSW.  But yesterday I felt tingling under my skin in my neck, underarms, chest, and back.  It felt like my body wanted to sweat but couldn't.  So today I got on and at the 17 minute mark I was going to cool down and call it a day - but then "Push It" came on my mix by Salt-N-Pepa.  So I did just that - I pushed it - I near sprinted the whole song and half way through I broke a sweat on my forehead and chest!!!!  It wasn't pouring down my face or anything but it was wet!  I have never been so excited to sweat in all my life!!  I actually feel good enough to take a shower!  Now that's progress!!  Of course I may wake up tomorrow in pain and ooze and crap like that, but right now I don't care!  I am just so happy to have my body start working!


  1. Congrats tracy.
    I only sweat when im sleeping cus its hot.
    I hope i can sweat normally soon. I get icky and itchy when i sweat.