Wednesday, July 24, 2013

What it means to eat healthy....

There is a lot of information out there on what it means to eat healthy.  Organic vs Paleo vs Vegetarian vs Atkins.  Well you get the idea.  What's right and what's wrong?  I have spent the last 5-6 years studying this and trying so many different things!  Milk was bad, so we switched to almond milk.  Almond milk was bad because of the sugar content, so no milk at all.  Organic cereal and organic macaroni and cheese had to be good for you since it was organic right?  What about that organic whole wheat bread?  Well, basically it comes down to what is natural and what is not.  Are the ingredients in the whole wheat bread and organic cereal all natural?  Nope!  The cereal is heated to the point of denaturalization.  Basically heat kills all natural vitamins and minerals - hence why the milk and orange juice and cereal at the store is fortified with vitamins!  But those fortified vitamins are chemical vitamins - not vitamins in their natural state.  Milk is heated (pasteurized) for your protection or so they say.  Ever wonder why so many people are lactose intolerant?  It's because the enzymes in raw milk are killed off - those enzymes combine with certain enzymes in your body to create lactase that breaks down the lactose.  Most people intolerant to lactose can tolerate raw milk with no problems.  Only a few people have a true allergy to the milk itself. 

Basically - here is how I see it - any food that is in it's natural form or created by things from nature are healthy for you.  So sauerkraut is good because it is cabbage that is soaked in water and whey (all natural things).  Butter is good when made directly from raw cream.  Butter from the store is pasteurized and sometimes chemically enhanced - therefore not good.  Oatmeal from the store is not good - oats soaked in water and whey overnight and slow cooked is really good for you!  I could go on and on! But the bottom line is when we put chemicals in our body on a daily basis, the body has a hard time getting rid of toxins already stored up in the body (like steroids) - it will still heal, but in my opinion, it will take much longer.  Eating truly healthy allows your body to process the high toxic load it is already carrying without adding to that load. 

I still cheat on out natural way of eating - there are days when I just can't go through the process of cooking!  We ordered pizza twice last month!  But overall we as a family decided to make an effort to eat as natural as possible just for our overall states of health.  And going through TSW, I feel it is crucial for me to eat as natural as possible to free up energy for my body to fight the toxins it is already dealing with. 

For more information on how to eat the all natural way you can visit:

You can also look into "The Maker's Diet" by Jordan Rubin - eating the way God intended. 

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  1. Good post! I 100% agree with you. It can be so tough to eat "truly" healthy! But def trying to incorporate as much as you can is good! I have a rule at the grocery store, no isle shopping. My cart predominately is filled with, fruits, veg, meat, eggs, organic dairy. We do have cereal and boxed goods in our home, but i do my very best to cook all meals from scratch so i can know exactly whats in what i am eating! :) Thanks for bringing this awareness!! Hope you are doing wel