Monday, July 29, 2013

Still Doing Well!!!

Today is Day 4 of a much needed reprieve from the redness, weeping, swelling, and pain.  I am very itchy still - but it is a dry itch and my skin is strong - so when I do scratch, there is no tearing of the skin.  My skin is nearly sealed over!  I have open areas still on my wrists - but those are starting to heal over.  The sores on my legs are almost all nearly healed over - never seen them heal so quickly - and all of them at once!  This by far my best time ever since starting TSW.  I cannot tell you all how wonderful it is to get such a break - and one that was not expected!  I will get red a few times throughout the day - but mostly I am a slight pink color - I can tell by looking at my wrists where the redness would stop suddenly at my hands.  There is still a noticeable line - but the color is so much better!

I have also stopped with the cold chills.  I had them near constant for the first 4 months.  Last month it came and went throughout each day after I started sweating the week I started exercising.  I have been sweating on/off through the day now - not pouring sweat, but definitely getting hot and sweaty for no reason. I sweat normally while exercising now.

I know I am no where near healed - my skin still stays white for a very long time after pressing on it - showing I still have significant capillary damage.  But to have this break without having a massive flare on my face or scalp thus far is a sign of hope for me.  I did have flaring on my face throughout this whole time, but it was mild in comparison to the rest of my body and what I have experienced in the past.  I did lose a lot of hair the past week or two - large amounts coming out in the shower this week.  Tons of hair on my hairbrush.  My hairline is very thinned out - this happened during my first sort of withdrawal 7 years ago.  But my hair did grow back thicker - so I am hoping it does the same withing the next year or two.

I am still planning on not working for the next month - going to focus on taking care of me with all the energy I have.  Hubby was right - I became significantly more fatigued after returning to work one day a week.  Obviously my adrenals are not well enough to handle the large amount of stress I deal with at work.  I worked my last shift on Saturday and was out all day yesterday.  Could barely stay awake to eat dinner.  Didn't have any energy to take my vitamins or do anything.  That level of fatigue is just too much.  I have been feeling guilty about hubby working 60 hours a week and really wanted to be able to go back to work, but if I go backwards in my healing because of stressing my adrenals, then it will take me that much longer to get back to work full time.

Well off to see how everyone else is doing!


  1. WOOHOO! Love hearing about this progress. It is so nice to get a break, isn't it? I think that's what finally gives people some optimism that this thing is turning around!

  2. Yay tracy.
    The sores and cuts are healinggg.
    So happy for ya.

  3. So, so, soooo happy for you. Doing a happy dance, ok, not really...I might hurt myself. Now, go get some rest and heal up!


  4. That's great news Tracy! Enjoy your respite! You deserve it having gone so long without one :)