Monday, July 15, 2013

The only way I know how to manage right now.... through prayer and being thankful!  Seriously right now I am at a very low point.  The spreading of my TSW to about 85% of my body right now is nearly unbearable - the pain I had in my arms and chest is now in my legs, back and abdomen.  I cannot move at all without serious pain in many areas of my body.  I want to take extra Tylenol and Ibuprofen but I am holding off til tomorrow because I have to try to get to the store somehow tomorrow.  So instead I pray and count my blessings.  My kids asked me the other day why God has not healed me with all their prayers every day for the last 5 months.  I explained that first off God does not answer all prayers even though He hears all prayers - He has His reasons.  Plus in many ways God has answered their prayers to some extent.  First, I have my cure - it may take awhile to get through, but at the end of all this my suffering will end as well.  After 30 years of suffering with eczema, this is a HUGE answer to my prayers over the years.  Second I explained that God has given me the strength to get through each day.  I may have my really LOW days but I still have the strength to put one foot in front of the other each day.  Third God has blessed me with a huge support group through ITSAN - I could not have made it through this journey without the support of fellow TSW warriors!!!  And fourth, but most importantly. God has blessed me with a truly AMAZING family!  I am blessed to have such wonderful kids, an amazing husband, a sister devoted to helping to keep me sane, parents that let me cry on their shoulders and a brother whose words have cheered me along this way even when he didn't know he was helping!  I have many other family members as well and friends who offer encouraging words and support.  I am also thankful for the Laundromat owners who have given me words of encouragement, a special cream that while as not helped heal my skin, it offers a few hours of soothing relief.  And of course all the people I don't know who are praying for me through various prayer circles.  I feel truly blessed and loved.  I could not ask for anything more going through such a difficult time.  My hope is that all others suffering with this have someone to lean on for support through these dark days.  If not, remember us fellow warriors are here for you!  We will give our phone numbers if needed and some of us even meet up in major cities around the world.  No one should go through an illness feeling alone. 


  1. Tracy,
    I'm praying.for you to have good days.
    Keep sane.
    You can do this hun.

  2. Hi Tracy,
    I am feeling the same right now. At my absolute lowest point and had a very long crying fest today while my sister stroked my hair. I fell into the deepest depression I've been in in a long time today. I didn't want to even leave the house to go for a walk with my sister, I laid around all day and only got up to eat. I just want you to know that you and all of our fellow TSW sufferers are in my prayers every night. This is the hardest thing I've gone through in my entire life and I feel like the end of it is soooo far away. It's hard not to fall into depression when you're stuck inside everyday, all day. But two things keep me encouraged - jumping online and talking to all of you and spending that special time with God, pouring out my heart to Him and reading about all of his promises.
    Much love and prayers to you and your family!
    You are doing amazing and you are on your way to healing.


    Rachel <3