Thursday, July 18, 2013

Beginning my 3-5 day break

Today I am beginning my post-period break I get every month.  This lasts from 3-5 days and gives me back some sanity.  I don't clear up by any means, but the pain, redness, and itching are reduced by about 50%.  It's all relative - my face looks more than 50% less red but my arms are maybe only 25% less red.  All I know is I am grateful for these short, but much needed reprieves from the insanity this TSW puts us through!  I typically forget to take pictures during my breaks because I am always busy trying to get things done.  Today however I am still exhausted.  Tomorrow will be my errand day - hopefully my energy levels kick up by then!  :)

The not scratching with my finger nails is working!  I did break open a few sores with the comb so I will be looking for other options when I go out tomorrow.  But for now it will suffice!  I get more dry than normal during my break so I tend to still scratch open skin.  I wish I did this earlier in my TSW journey, but lesson learned!  Hopefully my sores will be healed before my flare increases!

Hope everyone is having a good skin day and staying cool!

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