Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Peaks and valleys of my flare

Since my flare returned this week after having a glorious 1 week break from my near entire body flare for months, I have noticed a pattern.  I call them my peaks and valleys.  I itch 24/7 still so no break there.  But the redness and swelling come and go in a very specific pattern - in the mornings I wake to very light pink skin and nearly no swelling.  Mornings are tough due to the ongoing fatigue.  I have a seriously hard time waking up.  But I get going by 11am most days.  The afternoons are my best time - I have more energy and my skin is still pink with some slight redness in my worst areas like the back of my knees, my thighs, and my arms.  Somewhere between 4 pm and 6 pm is when the "fun" begins!  I start off feeling very cold - the shivers that I have had this whole TSW.  I then get very fatigued and very anxious.  This is my worst time - I will often flip out over any small thing.  Every noise bothers me.  I then notice my skin getting very red and swollen.  I tend to scratch more during this time as I will get a feeling like bugs crawling under my skin - it drives me nuts!  By 8-9 pm I am calming down and typically will exercise and take a shower.  Although I have been trying to exercise every other day now since I seemed to be more tired with daily exercise.  The pain in my knees and wrists is at its worst right before bed.  I will still be swollen and red but the anxiety will be gone.

I am doing so much better with this flare.  It gives me so much more ability to get things done and not feel anxious, cold, and in pain all the time.  I am on a serious mission here people!  I sooooo need to get back to work.  Hubby working 60 hours a week has really drained him.  He then works around the house on his 2 days off.  Not only that but we bought 70 acres in KY and plan to start our own small farm there.  But we cannot move until I can go back to work as we need the dual income so we can put a house on the land to live in!  We bought this land 2 years ago and is our dream!  It is quiet with rolling hills and lots of green!

In order to get back to work, I will need to get my hands, wrists, and forearms cleared as much as possible.  Working as a nurse brings me into contact with loads of germs!  I can cover everything but my face and hands - and since I use my hands so much taking care of people, that is where I risk getting an infection - and that is how I believe my arms got infected a few weeks back when I attempted to go back to work one day a week.  Since the emu oil is showing good results, I am going to now spray it on both forearms, wrists, and hands each day - hopefully in 2 months they will be significantly better so I can return to work.

My only other concern is the fatigue - but that is where I am hoping the juicing and the GAPS diet will help.  The vitamins really were helping a lot with the fatigue so I know the juicing will help because the vitamins are "real" in the veggies!  :)

So now at 5 3/4 months in, I finally feel like I have a bit more control over this TSW.  I still fight the itching and the fatigue, but seeing as how my skin is more manageable and less painful, I can really get more done I feel less stressed and so much less depressed!  I know that can change if my flare decides to worsen, but for right now I am taking what positives I can and going with it!  I am hoping that the sun will start being my friend and not my enemy!  I would really love to get to that point where the sun helps the healing!

Keep strong everyone!


  1. HI Tracy,
    i'm so glad you feel like you have more control of this gross sickening illness that is so traumatizing!!!
    i hope being off work is working out for you.
    i can't wait to hear more updated news on your progress and how moving to that huge land of yours and farm!
    maybe i can come visit to get some good natural veggies! LOL

  2. Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! :) I was thinking maybe I could offer a retreat for those going through TSW! I know a few people who have had a hard time with family and having a place to go would be ideal. You can visit anytime! :)

  3. that's a fantastic idea Tracy.
    you should charge too for the GAP diet as they are on withdrawal.
    i always wanted to attend a retreat to take the mind off with others going thru the same symptoms.
    you know like REHAB for steroid withdrawal!
    that would be amazing if something like that existed. you should really think about it. and charge for the meals and room and board. and take people out on the farm to take their mind off things.
    GREAT IDEA!!!!! Let's do it! LOL