Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Long Week!!

It has been quite a week!  Busy with so much!  Went to visit  family for a few days, got our new truck, worked yesterday, and finishing my "spring" cleaning!  All in all though I would say things are going very well!!!  My skin is very hard to describe now....I would say it is "acting  up".  Still can't call it a flare as very little reminds me of any flaring other than the itching.  My skin is not shedding, nor is it oozing.  It is dry, but no longer "bone dry".  It is rashy here and there.  Last night my neck was itchy and rashy and I have some broken areas now....but they don't bother me today.  Today my arms are itchy and rashy and I'm breaking open the skin with scratching, but the broken areas remind me of my old eczema from years ago.  The thickened scaly skin on my hands and wrists is almost gone now....they area is now just dry and no longer feels scaly nor thick.  My legs hurt yesterday for quite a few hours and my skin burned all over when I got out of the shower yesterday....and I feel if I took a shower now, my skin would burn again, but nothing hurts today.  I feel out of the last month,this has been the worst week....but then again I am in my PMS mode and for the last 8 months of TSW, my skin would be at its worst during my PMS time and then calm down once THAT time finally came.  So today I should be starting to calm down and sure enough things feel  better all around compared to the last few days.

Not sure what is really I in a calm period and will still have a bad flare in a few weeks or a month? Or is this my body really responding to the supplements....still the question of the hour!  I still hold some hope yet am still preparing for the worst case scenario.  I do know that if I miss my evening dose of MSM, I will be more rashy and itchy the next day.  The MSM is a more natural works to help your body's own anti-inflammatory properties.  My guess is the MSM is keeping my skin from being so red and helping it not ooze.  Time will tell.  So will knowing how others respond if they have tried these supplements as well.

Anyway....all I do know is this last month has been wonderful and a blessing!  I no longer take anything - even Bendaryl to sleep. I no longer feel cold all the fact I often feel warm.  I no longer focus on my skin.  I do not vacuum nor change my sheets daily. I no longer have any pain and go about my days not feeling fatigued and worn out.  I really love life right now!!  What a HUGE difference from the last 8 months!!  Praying things stay  this way and ONLY get better....but again, still expecting the worst to happen at this point.  Gotta keep it all real!


  1. Yay yay tracyyyyy.
    Glad to hear things are going super well for u.
    happy happy.

  2. So happy skin hasn't been completely interfering with your life! What a victory! Quick question - do you mind of I link up your blog?

  3. Thank you Lisa! And Estherminusts....thank you as well, and yes I will put your blog in my blog list. :) Hope you ladies are doing well!!!