Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Some more good news!

Just wanted to share this quote from a good friend who is also suffering from TSW.  To keep things anonymous I am withholding any information that may point to their identity. Let's just say there has been a lot of suffering going on with this warrior!

"Tracy, I am glad I tried the MSM supplement.  I had my concerns about it in the beginning, since I have a sulfa allergy, but I have had no bad reaction to date.    In fact, things only seem to be better, and I would hate to go without it, now that I have tried it.  Within the first day, the ooze began drying.  At first, it was very uncomfortable as the drying ooze came out, and quite itchy too.  After a day or two, it was all positive.  The ooze has stayed under control, as long as I'm faithful with my dosing. I do still flare with hot, itchy, and sometimes weepy skin, but very minimal ooze, if any.  Much of my skin is drying and flaking, which I prefer over the ooze and wet feeling.  I believe this will help keep infections at bay as well.  I also went moisturizer free like you have, at the same time I started taking MSM powder.  I think I am benefiting from both approaches at the same time.  I have recommended MSM to my parents for joint pain and inflammation as well, which it is medically proven to help.  I would encourage anyone to check with their doctor or pharmacist about any drug contradictions with current medications, or present health conditions, if they have questions.  I don't know of any, but you must always stay in charge of your own personal health.  Tracy, I am thankful you shared this helpful wisdom!" 

So for anyone wanting to share their experience (good or bad) and remain anonymous, I am here for you!

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