Monday, November 18, 2013

Huge difference in a few days time....

As I was looking at the pictures I posted a few days back, I realized they may look bad to in "How can you say your skin is better when it still looks like THAT?".  I understand that some people in a different stage of TSW or someone not even going though it may have that point of view. What some people with TSW do understand is that even though our skin may look bad, we may actually feel amazing!  Typically for some the skin will look better a few days after this feeling of "wow,  my skin feels great!", even though it may not look it!  That is exactly how I felt a few days ago....I felt my skin was so much better - calmed down after all that stress I went through.  So here are the pictures to prove it....

My foot nearly all healed (no moisturizer used at all by the way)

Right leg looking loads better.  Almost to the point I may be able to shave!

Left hand/wrist still a bit chewed up but healing

Neck now more pink....less red and tears now healing.

Face still clear with those few spots....notice the neck - not a huge difference in color.  Lip sores almost all  gone. Now if only my hair would grow in along with the eyebrows!  Although I do not hold out hope for the eyebrows...always have had 1/2 my eyebrows missing!

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