Thursday, November 21, 2013

Talk with the ND nurse....

First off, I only post 2 posts in a day when something exciting happens! 

Second, I want to apologize upfront to all my fellow bloggers and forums friends - I will be working the next 3 out of 4 days - all 12 hour shifts so I will be offline during that time I am sure.  I may pop in here and there to read up on how you are all doing, but please forgive me for not writing back or leaving comments over this weekend!  I love you all and want you to know I am keeping up with all of you!  I will do my best to respond to private emails - but please forgive me if I don't make it there either - this will be a test of my return to work! 

And third - the phone call that brightened my day...I got a call back from the ND's nurse as I called earlier today to ask for the genetic testing.  Yep - have a script to go get it done at lab corp.  I am without insurance for the next 4 weeks so I may or may not wait depending on the out of pocket cost.  Anyway, I spoke with her about getting more glutathione as I was running low.  I asked if I could take more than one a day - she said of course - some people take up to 6 a day.  Then I asked about the IV form as I had read about it the other day.  She said that was a good option for those who have taken a lot of medications over the years ( steroid creams???).  She said it gives the body a great flushing of toxins and people feel really good after having them.  They typically recommend those for people with the gene mutation and for those with a history of chronic fatigue and lyme disease.  I was afraid to ask how much.  But I was shocked (happily so) - $65 for the injection - takes all of 15 minutes total.  So I gave it some serious thought given I have had these mini-flares.  Nothing really - the worst was when my neck was red the other week.  It's still pink but it is also still very sensitive - along with a few spots on my left arm.  I am also having a hard time sleeping I think from coming down from the raw adrenal supplements.  I will talk to my husband about it, but given the low cost (in my opinion of course), and the nagging few areas, I may just go for one injection just to see if it somehow improves my skin overall.  Not holding out any hope as I am taking 4 supplements - but the glutathione is the end result - the one thing that the cells absolutely need to clean the cells of toxins.  A boost may be what I personally need to get over the nagging neck.  It sounds silly really as my skin is doing so very well, but honestly, my neck has been so sensitive for all 9 months of TSW and I really just want it to feel NORMAL!  I know I am asking too much here given my 30+ year usage and only being at the 9 month mark.  But if these supplements are the ticket for TSW then I would like to be more assured.  I have already researched the possible side effects (none known - except a slight flushing during the injection only). 

So if I do get it done, I will be going on Tuesday - when I go pick up the script for DNA testing.  I will even bring my camera so I can show what I look like being a guinea pig!  :)  The nurse told me she does these every week - so not a true guinea pig - but I will look at it as my own personal experiment for TSW.  For the weekend I will increase my oral dose to see if that makes a difference - if it does, then I will be even more convinced of getting the injection on Tuesday.  I do NOT like needles and I hate taking pills - even supplements.  I prefer to get things naturally.  But given all the years of damage caused by steroid creams, I am taking this approach to help push my body in the right direction.  As an ER nurse I put in a lot of IV's - I mean A LOT!!  I tell people to suck it up all the time (especially the men with tattoos who cry that they hate needles).  Yes, I am a mean nurse.  :)  But man I am stressing about a needle myself!  Ha, I crack myself up! 

OK, off to put laundry away and clean up dinner!  Then I plan to take a melatonin for sleep tonight.  Praying that helps! 


  1. Hi Tracy! Man the neck is the worst! I hate waking up to it weeping and not being able to go back to sleep because the air hurts soooo much!

    I hope the melatonin worked for you and you got some rest. I have also stopped using moisturisers and finding the journey smoother already!

    Love Ruby Red

  2. This is fascinating. You are great to suck it up & be the guinea pig for our cause. I will be checking back with you about your findings. Thanks for sharing & blessings to you Tracy!