Tuesday, November 26, 2013

IV Glutathione Day 1

I got back about an hour ago. Had a car full of groceries to unpack and dinner to get started.  But here I am to give my account.

First let me say that this morning was rough - a lot of itching - much more than I have had in 2 months!  My skin was tearing and bleeding.  I thought "Oh no...there will not be a spot for the nurse to put an IV!". I must note here that I had run out of the oral glutathione on Sunday so this was a possible reason for the increase in itching.  I was miserable and kept my ice pack on until ready to leave.  I then went shopping and running errands.  Made it to the ND office a few minutes early.

So I go in the back and the nurse has me sign a form - making me aware of side effects from the IV, not the glutathione itself - it states that no known side effects are known.  I then pick out the vein for the nurse (us nurses  make the WORST patients ever!!).  She literally had 2-3 cm to work  with around all the broken skin.  She was beyond sweet and kind about it!  Then the push takes 5 minutes, but she did it over 10 given I told her I am very sensitive to things.  Again she was beyond nice about my controlling behavior!

The pinch of the needle was nothing - she was good at it!  Then the glutathione itself made me feel funny in the head. Nothing major by any means!  It was a very slight lightheaded feeling only when she pushed it.  Afterwards I felt slightly nauseated driving home, but she did say that was normal and eating right beforehand helps.  Of course with all the errands I had to run I had eaten a few hours prior.  Getting home and eating took the nausea right away.

I do not expect miracles here by any means.  I must say though that the itching is already way down.  I of course started itching 10 minutes after eating like I always do.  But it died down in 2 minutes.  So weird how I  itch like that for such a short time each and every time I eat!  It definitely has helped me lose a few  pounds though....I no longer graze or eat unnecessarily as I hate this short burst of itching!  The food has to be way worth it!  :)

According to the nurse, the IV glutathione lasts about 72 hours in the body. I should have a peak effect tomorrow.  I will keep everyone posted!  I did get more of the oral stuff to start taking again in a few days.  I also have the script for the DNA testing - will call tomorrow for pricing and then determine whether to go tomorrow in the rain or wait til  next week.  Looking forward to knowing the results!  I will be very impatient waiting WEEKS!  Oh well, things like this are worth the time I suppose! :)

As for energy levels....this morning I felt much better than yesterday! I figured it had to do with working too much in a row.  But after the injection,  I must say I went up  another notch in energy.  I  feel like I could clean my whole house, make dinner, and even work on a few projects. I will however take it easy.  I have over done it in the past and I finally learned to pace myself.  So the kids are cleaning, I'm making dinner, and maybe I will pull out one project.  :)

OK, time to go!  I have some blogs and emails to catch up with.  Hope you are all having a better day today!!  


  1. love the physical experimentation. Doing the real walk with the talk!
    Keep us updated =)

  2. What are all the supplemtsntheynare giving you? Are they safe for kids? My son Kline is 21.5 months off tsa and still flarig a lot,mhe used for 2.5 years thx Loren. U cam email me at lorenbmccormac@yahoo.com

  3. Is glutathione Safe while breastfeeding?