Sunday, November 10, 2013

Not feeling too good....

It has been one very long week!!!  First week going back to work full time.  All in all I think it went very well; that is until I came down with something....probably a virus.  It was a stressful time learning a new computer system and orienting to a new ER.  I don't mind, but I only get 3 days of orientation and need to learn as much as I possibly can in order to do my job in those 3 days.  It's exciting at the same time, meeting new people and working at a trauma center.  But I think it all got to me and weakened my system enough to let a "bug" invade me!!  Hopefully I will be done coughing and hacking by Wednesday when I work my next shift.

Skin wise I guess you can say I am flaring.  When I have a bit more energy, I will take some pics.  I can't say though that it is a "real" flare....still not oozing.  Only redness I have is on my neck where my skin is at its worst right now.   I have broken skin all over....even on my face.  But no redness, no swelling, and no oozing.  I am in pain from time to time, but it is all surface does not stop me from doing anything.  The itching is all surface itching as well.  Nothing deep.  My  skin feels strong below the surface.  When I scratch, I don't scratch anything off my skin more than the top few layers.  My skin does not tear easily nor is it painful to touch.  My neck is the most has always been my most sensitive area when it came to my eczema. I am back to ice packs...but only when I am home.  It doesn't bother me enough to keep me inside.  Instead I just wear turtlenecks to keep the cold air off of it as I am afraid it will hurt in the cold.

I have itch attacks after every is like clockwork and it makes no difference what I eat!  I itch mostly on my it starts 15 minutes after I start eating and dies down after a few minutes.  Then I get another one about an hour later.   Very weird.  Otherwise the itching is still present but not incapacitating.  It doesn't drive me crazy nor do I think about my skin every minute of every day.

I have spent some time going over other TSW sufferers' posts about the 8-10 month flare.  I am about to complete 9 months of TSW in 4 days.  If this is the 9 month flare, then I will take it!!!  People will say that the flares last less and become less intense over time.  This is more than less intense!  It barely can be considered a flare at all in my opinion.  Maybe it's just really bad dry skin from the cold weather, and I may still end up with another bad flare.  Who knows!  All I know is I have been taking the supplements for 5 1/2 weeks now and they may be playing a big part in my feeling as good as I do (minus this recent viral thing).

Time will tell more....I will hopefully have the energy in the next few days to take some pics of my super dry skin!


  1. Oh Tracy, sorry to hear you are feeling poorly after you were doing so well. TSW likes to dump on us when we are doing great. Don't worry, I'm sure you will be feeling better soon and maybe it is just a jolt to your system returning back to work.

    Here's something to make you your first para you say you were working in the computer and caught a virus. A computer virus? The. A couple of sentences later, you talk about hacking! I've got you worked out, you are a secret government spy!!!!!

    Love you and sending you a big hug from here in the uk. Xoxoxox

    1. Thanks Louise! Thankfully it was the viral thing bringing me down....feeling good today despite some burning here and there! You are so funny!!! Of course I'm a government spy....working for the NSA and tapping into everyone's computer! HAHA!! OK....that was a bad joke - and ONLY a joke (for those who are conspiracy theorists!). I should send you my recent rant on Facebook! :) THAT was funny in its own way! :)