Saturday, December 21, 2013

A BAD evening yesterday but so much better today!

Yesterday I started the new supplements my ND added to my regimen.  Along with increasing the 5-MTHF.  I know some people do not believe in cleansing reactions or Herkimer responses, but last night around 6-7 pm I started a severe reaction to something.  I want to say it was partly a flare, but a flare has never come on this strong before and gone by the following morning.  I was burning all over, shaking, shivering, sweating, feeling like I wanted to crawl out of my skin, and high anxiety.  The kind of anxiety people get medicated for!  I had a reaction like this in the past when I started my holistic journey and had started some remedies for overall health - my practitioner at the time called them healing/cleansing/Herkimer responses.  Ummmm....they are not cool by any means.  It feels horrid!  Luckily I had left work earlier in the day because of my hands!  I could not imagine dealing with that at work!  I would have freaked everyone out if I couldn't control my anxiety.  I was able to at home because hubby and I knew what was happening.  He was able to rub my feet and keep me calm!  I was able to sleep finally with Benadryl and woke up feeling good.  Then I took a Dead Sea Salt bath and felt even better!  Then I took Dan's awesome advice and applied diluted tea tree oil to my hands.  I had tried the colloidal silver and even a tea tree oil spray that included other things....what I found was even though they were based in water, my hands still acted as if they were getting moisturizer!  They had that soft, raw, peeling skin that was the bane of my existence the first 7-8 months of TSW.  I switched over this morning and already seeing a huge change in my hands!  So, THANK YOU DAN!!!!

Today was our first family day in months.  Hubby has been doing overtime since I went back to work 6 weeks ago.  We were supposed to go snow tubing, but 50 degrees and rain makes for a muddy mess, not snow fun!  Instead we surprised the kids with a trip to the arena to see Disney on Ice!  What an awesome show!  We have never taken the kids to such a show, so it was hit!  Then we did a little Christmas shopping for cousins and topped off the night with a trip to our favorite restaurant - the Macaroni Grill.  I love their wine, but am still keeping FAR away from any and all alcohol due to the inflammatory response.  I had some a few months ago and it was a mistake!  But we had a fantastic dinner and dessert!  I had a small spot on my neck causing me irritation.  That was it.  In fact the reason it was irritated was because I was sweating!  I have done very little sweating - it only started to increase this past month - mostly in my armpits and under my breasts.  Now I am sweating on my neck and when hubby kissed me at the restaurant he said my upper lip was sweaty - sure enough it was.  I was warm given the amount of people all around us.  But didn't even notice the sweat.  I think this is awesome progress! 

Well off to wrap some presents!  I will take some pics tomorrow - still recovering from my flare but at least the majority of the redness is gone and I am seeing some healing of the scabs.  Hope everyone is doing well! 

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  1. You are welcome Tracy. I have lots of info on my blog on effective ways to treat the different symptoms of tsw. If people would just do the research they would see that there are much better ways to get through tsw than what conventional wisdom suggests. Thanks again for mentioning me.