Sunday, December 1, 2013

Where is my healing REALLY coming from???

I am not bringing this up to point fingers or anything drama like!  I am mentioning I had a comment from a friend going through TSW because I felt it deserved a response for all to see.  Dan, I love your passion and your commitment to helping those with TSW!  Your comment provides me an opportunity to be real here.  You see I do not think my healing is directly from the supplements, the moisturizer withdrawal,  or even time.  My healing comes directly from God.  This is MY belief and I am not pushing it on anyone.  I just want to share my reasons here.  You see when I  went through my first withdrawal 8 years ago not knowing what was going on, I cried out to God many times for an answer.  I prayed for a cure to my "eczema".  I remember telling my wonderful sister that I didn't think God was listening to me at all.  She said He was and would answer my prayers, but in His time, not mine.  Trust me when I say I was NOT happy with that answer!  But  things improved in a few years and got much better after a change in diet so I thought God had answered my prayers.

Then I started using a little over the counter TS here and there for those left over spots....big mistake.  I started getting worse over a few years time and became upset with God again.  I couldn't think of what I was doing wrong to upset Him. Of course I was not as far in my journey with Him then as I am now.  I prayed again and again for answers. That is when I found out about TSW.  He had answered my prayers after all!  But it took 8 years.   Then after seeing so many people for so long with TSW, I started praying not only for faster healing for myself,but so I could help others not suffer so.  I went to a faith healer a few months ago.  He was a remarkable man.  It was only a few days after that day I found out about the supplements. And a few weeks later felt remarkably better.

Yes I had also stopped moisturizing around the same time.  It ALL made a difference. The reason I am so passionate about the supplements is because of the science behind those specific supplements. There is science now behind the MW too and I agree it helps.  But since others have been sharing their stories with me in private emails about the supplements, everyone has seen improvement so far....some have done MW as well but a few have not and they are seeing improvement as well.  So regardless of MW, people are seeing a difference with the supplements.  I also agree those that do MW see a difference as well.  I think I have seen a huge difference in my skin because I did both.  I just know some people cannot mentally do MW as it requires a will to get through some really bad pain and I would not have been able to do it had I not been staying at  my mom's, knowing she was there to help with the kids.  It was a very difficult week for me. I could not have done that without the extra support.

What I have been doing is waiting to hear  some good news about the supplements starting to work, then encouraging the person to go towards MW if they have not already.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes of my blog here.  I spend a lot of time emailing people now and keeping tabs on how everyone is doing.  I have given only brief snips of how others are doing. More good news comes in almost daily.  I am also working full  time so I am  limited on my time.  I have been devoting a  lot of time researching glutathione - the major component involved here with the supplements.  I am not just trying things on a whim here.  Far from it....I spend hours every week researching and carefully considering all that I do and say. I truly believe MW is important -  very important!  But I only have so much time so I have focused on the glutathione because I am going on a theory here that the TSW may be from a genetic mutation causing our bodies to produce significantly less glutathione than required to process and eliminate the toxins in our bodies. I feel this would be better time spent given if we find that all suffering with TSW have this mutation, we can do something about it.  The MW is great for some symptom relief but I personally do not see moisturizer as the cause of TSW....just an aggravation,

I hope this makes sense!  I am not picking on Dan at fact I think his MW drive is crucial in symptom relief and am glad he is helping others with this!  Me included have benefited from it.  But God uses all of us in different ways and I feel God pointing me in the direction I am in currently.  He has given me the strength to do all this and I believe He is helping me to help others.  I could not do this on my own I can assure you.

So the bottom line is God has provided me with the answers for healing.  He has answered my prayers so far - not in the time I would have liked, but they have been answered!  I will continue to pray for others, to pray for answers so others do not suffer so much, and to pray for the strength to continue on this journey (on top of working and home schooling).  I feel tired most days still. Not the crushing fatigue I once had, but a tiredness nonetheless. I get through it with prayer and encouragement from others. I have made so many dear friends along this TSW journey - all of which I am beyond grateful for!  So many wonderful people in this world - it gives me such hope and helps make my tiredness disappear some days!  :)


  1. I love this post and feel the same way. This summer I begged God to heal my eczema. That's when I finally got it through my head it was the Protopic. I know He led me to ITSAN and is healing me, even if it's slower than I'd like. I know He has a reason for our suffering! Like helping others, being more compassionate, ect. Great post!!

  2. Despite being a non-believer in God, I believe at the end of the day, we heal because "we" took personal action. God or not, if we didn't take a leap of faith to stop TS, experiment with stuff like moisturizers/supplements, we will still be stuck in our crappy situation. Taking responsibility for own personal health is the key!