Thursday, December 19, 2013

Flare subsided today but damage already done...

I decided not to work today....hands were too damaged and there was no way I could work with my hands so open.  Thankfully hubby was able to cover my shift!  I feel better after sleeping until 11:30....I rarely sleep past 9 or 10 anymore so this was a bit bizarre for me. It felt more like a healing sleep if that makes sense to anyone.  I have pictures below of the damage done the last 3-4 days of scratching like a crazy person.  The scant amount of ooze I was getting was enough to cause intense itching.  I am not oozing today except for a small patch on my right leg...and it's really small so I think this may be over?  Not sure but time will tell.  I have not put anything but the colloidal silver and tea tree oil spray on my hands....doesn't seem to have helped at all.  So it was a flare thing and not an infection thing. But I will keep on those 2 products for the days I do work to prevent infection.  I fear infection working in a hospital...that's part of why I didn't work the first 8 months of TSW.

So without further are the pics....these are the only places I flared except for 2 small patches on my low back which is hard to photograph by myself.  And of course a few small patches on my chest which I refuse to photograph for obvious reasons.  I would guess I flared on 35% of my body.  Not bad I suppose.

Eyes swollen a bit this morning.  Right cheek nearly healed but chin and upper lip flared.  Neck is the same as it has been for months...dry and itchy.  

Left hand - barely pink and not swollen, but torn to pieces. 

Same with right hand.  No red skin  or swelling.  Some elephant skin going on though and scabs from all the scratching.

Left arm - dry and healing today...barely any itch.

Right inner leg...boy did I tear it up!  Didn't know how to stop scratching!  It was pretty bad for about 2 days...the red circle in the middle is where I am still slightly wet from ooze.

Left lower inner leg and ankle.  Pink and some slight swelling. 


  1. I feel you Tracy, it is so hard to endure this long process. My upper legs have been in healing mode for over two years and I've used no moisture on them for a good 9 months now. Once my other areas got to a certain stage I stopped moisture and gloves. Had to use a little white palm oil and a glove on my left hand last week for two cracked knuckles due to the dry winter air and they closed up nicely overnight. Pressing on with healing always on my mind. xxx

  2. I'm sorry Tracy. I think I'm just coming out of a flare now, and the last one really sucked. I bet you recover allot more quickly this go around than last summer, so keep the faith. I'm tired every morning. I attribute it to Atarax.
    I really and truly believe this is the odd anomaly you will have to endure for another 6 months or a year but I think you have climbed the mountain and are absolutely on the road to full healing. You are never going to be as bad off as last summer (summer, 2013).