Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Phone call with ND & Moisturizer withdrawal

Today was a much better day...the mini-flare on my neck is nearly gone....it is still present on my chest and has moved to the area near my arm pits. It is almost like it is lingering on the lymph nodes.  Nothing major except the on/off burning.  It's weird because my neck still has some burning but the skin is not broken or raw - in fact it feels really smooth and soft.  Can't figure out why it is burning other than possible toxins are still being released.  Oh well....I can live with it!  :)

I received a phone call from my naturopathic doctor (ND) today.  He was checking in with me regarding the glutathione injection I had last week.  He seemed to have the same idea that the increase in itching and fatigue were probably a healing reaction.  He suggested I try 3-4 more injections - something I had talked to hubby about last night and decided to try.  The ND said 3-4 injections should be enough to see a difference.  If no significant difference is noted then we know it will not be worth it to continue.  He said when he saw me briefly last week when I saw the nurse for the injection, he noted an improvement in my skin.  And that was with just the oral supplements.  I am going tomorrow for the blood work - was going to go today but got up late and had to head to the Amish farm for our raw milk which is an hour away and in the opposite direction of the lab.  But the lab is on my way to work so I will leave 1/2 hour early tomorrow for work to get the blood work done.  Figured I saved well over $200 shopping on cyber Monday for Christmas so I will use that extra for the lab work.  Anyway, the ND spent a lot of time answering questions I had about the glutathione and MSM and the gene mutation.

Now about moisturizer withdrawal (MW).  There is much talk about this and research being done in Japan that shows MW is critical to TSW.  I started MW at the same time as the supplements.  I know for a fact that it has played a huge role in how good I feel.  I know that when I was slathering vaseline or coconut oil or raw shea butter on, my skin would itch severely an hour or so later causing me to literally shred my skin apart.  If I had to make a bet I would bet that my huge improvement is 50% MW and 50% supplements.  I think both played a critical role in stopping the ooze and decreasing the redness and swelling.  And more importantly the pain!  I have noted that others who are trying the same supplements as myself AND still using moisturizer are seeing big improvements in their skin.  I also know people (like fellow TSW sufferer Dan) see huge improvements with just MW and no supplements.  I did both and have not only seen significant improvement but have gotten my life back.  I am back to working full time, homeschooling, cooking, and getting things done around the house,  I no longer have brain fog.  I would not be able to work with any brain fog - I need to be completely on the ball at work  I have had some fatigue since going back to work, but that is probably normal.

So my opinion is MW is very important to less severe symptoms.  The first week is tough as the skin burns and hurts intensely with every little move.  But after 5-6 days that goes away and it just feels dry.  AND I feel the supplements are also critical to reducing  oozing, swelling, and redness.  The first 4-5 days of the supplements actually are worse for most - maybe a healing reaction?  But then there is a clearing and significant improvement in symptoms. This is my opinion and my experience. It is also based on a handful of other people's experiences as well.

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