Monday, December 9, 2013

Semi-flare again? And Pictures!

I was supposed to blog yesterday and catch up on all my emails and posts. Unfortunately a cold took hold on hubby and kids....coughing and sneezing everywhere!  Hubby never takes off of work....he is never sick.  He took off only 2 days for his concussion.  So when he said he couldn't work, I knew he felt really bad.  So off I went to work for him.  Nice how we can do that....he will just work one of my days later in the week.  But that put me on 3 days in a row - something I swore I would not do again anytime soon! But we do what we must!

Happy to say it didn't affect me like last time.  I think when I worked 3 in a row the week before and had my 1st IV glutathione, I too was suffering from the virus.  I think it just took its toll on me with trying to heal and all.  This time working 3 in a row was still tiring but not nearly so bad.  Plus I had my 2nd IV glutathione last week and I feel it helped significantly with my skin and energy.  With that said I, even though I felt great the first few days afterwards....little itching  and my skin feeling soooooo smooth, I did "break out" yesterday.  Not sure I can call it even a semi-flare.  It was more the constant hand washing at work irritating the cr*p out of my hands (most nurses have dry cracked hands from this alone), and being on my feet 12 hours a day causing some swelling in the legs.  My pictures show little redness or swelling - it's more an irritating little thing than a flare.  Also I switched my MSM from powder to crystal form - but I think I ended up with more swelling because the crystal form may not be as strong.....not sure, but going back to the powder form just to play around with it and see if there is a difference.

I also had a few patches develop on my face- I showed the worst side  - always my right side - in the pics so you can see what I mean by not knowing if this is a semi-flare or just because of the MSM change. It is so minor yet it's there and I need to let you all know about it!  :)   My neck on the other hand is done with the itching and redness!  It's perfect color skin, but healing from all the scratching I did!

Also wanted to let you know - I will get to all your comments!!!  I appreciate you all reading my blog and commenting!  I have a ton of private emails as well to get to! But I will get back to all of you!  I won't always be able to get back to each of you the same day because of my long work days, BUT I will get back to you!! :)

And here are the pics from this morning....don't mind me in my robe and pj's....going to relax and lounge today!

Face still very clear except for small patches on chin, right cheek and under right eye.  Nothing that bothers me, but there and needs to be reported!

Neck dry and scabby....hoping for the scabs to heal with IV #3 this week!

\\Left arm giving me a little grief...dry and itchy so I keep  opening the scabs!

Right arm looking great!

Left leg looking awesome!!! So want to shave!

Right leg just not quite ready for shaving/waxing yet....soon though!!

My right foot and it's on again/off again "flare"

Cracked dry hands!!  Not horrible by any means compared to TSW - but working as a nurse can cause this regardless of eczema or TSW!


  1. I truly hope this is working for you Tracy and perhaps helping others. Thanks for sharing your journey and being transparent about it. :) xxx

    1. Hi Joey! Thanks for your comment! I too hope this is truly working. I felt so much better after my 2nd IV glutathione, but am still hesitant to call this a wonder supplement yet until I see what happens with a few more sessions. I have noticed a huge change in the texture of my "normal" skin that I am hopeful it is changing the skin under my TSW skin. It takes 30-60 days for the bottom layers of skin to come to the top hopefully I will know in another few weeks. I have taken the oral glutathione now for 2 months now and have seen a big difference, but it is poorly absorbed through the stomach. Hoping the IV form shows a bigger difference.
      Hoping you are doing well! Thank you for all your support!!

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    1. Hi Cyndy,

      Thank you for reading my blog! I am sorry to hear you are going through TSW. Please check your email soon...I will be sending you a note. :)