Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Keeping Busy....

A very Merry Christmas to all who celebrate Jesus!  We have had a nice Christmas, although one with sick kiddos!  We were going to go visit family 4 hours away but the kids had fevers so we are planning a quiet day here at home.  It is also why I have been pretty absent from blogging and emailing.  It's hard to type with kids hanging on each arm!  :)

Skin wise....OK....will update in a few days.  Nothing too exciting either way.  Pretty stagnant actually.  But that's not always bad!

I had a bit of good news though the other day....received an email from CNN saying my bearing arms story made it on their top 13 personal stories list for 2013.  Happy to have made a small impact in this world, and going through TSW nonetheless! (Writing was therapeutic for me while sitting at home in my misery!).

Praying everyone heals sooner rather than later!  BTW...upcoming post on moisturizer withdrawal!  The ever so controversial topic in the TSW world!  I have made a final judgement on it as of this morning. I will explain it more tomorrow when hopefully the kids are not so sick!  :)

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