Saturday, June 8, 2013

And just when I thought things were not so bad....

My recent flare a few days ago started off as a normal flare -but not as bad as previous ones.  Until last night.  It was as if someone flipped a switch and everything intensified immensely!  The pain was almost unbearable - worst it has been yet!  I couldn't touch my skin anywhere without searing burning pain.  I freaked of course and was a crying mess!  It lasted for hours.  I also had intense chills - felt so cold.  It then dawned on me that I may have an infection brewing - I worked Thursday and it was a crazy day in the ER.  I am faithful with washing my hands but I caught myself absentmindedly scratching throughout the day.  Being exposed to so many germs at a hospital is one reason I made the decision to quit working full time.  So I then went to the cupboard and started on colloidal silver - a known antibacterial and antiviral.  Today the pain is significantly less - back to tolerable levels.  But my skin is much worse - scratched a little and could not believe the damage!  I am doing my best to not scratch at all - but even rubbing will take off lots of skin and cause me to bleed.  Cannot go a minute without my ice!  Hoping to feel better in a day or so - back to work on Monday.  Not sure I will be able to handle it. Oh well.

Good news is my herbal salves arrive in the mail today - looking forward to trying them.  Going to try 2 of them - one on the right side of my body and the other on the left.  Will then only use in 2 areas - the wrist and behind the knees.  Just want to se if there is any difference after 2 weeks of use.  Will keep you all posted!

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