Thursday, June 6, 2013

Comparisons and Energy Levels

First off, I want to touch on the subject of comparing ourselves to others going through topical steroid withdrawal.  I believe it is both beneficial and detrimental - depending on how we view what is going on.  If one tries to compare themselves to someone who used for approximately the same amount of time and similar strengths of steroid cream, and they are expecting the same results, this can be detrimental.  Not everyone is going to take the exact same path.  But if we use the information from others to educate ourselves and realize some of the symptoms the other person has are some we may have to endure, then this can be helpful.  I have read others blogs and gone back to their 3-4 month period of TSW.  I find that some have similar symptoms while others are in a completely different place.  I compare myself and then use that information to help me prepare for either something worse or maybe even something better.  This helps my mental state more than anything.  In the beginning I would compare and then get depressed thinking of what lied ahead.  But I no longer get depressed.  Some people get breaks in between flares and others are in a constant flare for months on end.  There is no way to know where you will be at a certain place in time.  My motto: prepare for the worst and hope for the best.  :)

Next, my energy levels the last 3 days have been phenomenal!  Of course they are no where near what I am used to in my "real life", but hey, compared to being completely drained and not being able to do simple tasks, I will take this!  The increase in energy is not correlating with my 4-5 period of good days - They started on the last day but my energy continued even though I have been in a major flare over the past few days.  To top it all off I worked 12 hours yesterday and expected to be completely drained today (like the other 3 times I worked this month).  But to my surprise, I still have a high level of energy!  Very weird and bizarre.  Diet related given we are 5 days into our all natural diet?  Not sure....only time will tell.  By the way, I am also 100% caffeine free!  A huge crutch of mine - 3-4 cups per day for years - sometimes more.  But caffeine is a huge tax on the adrenals. So I cut it out completely!  Maybe that has helped my energy?  Who knows.

Hope you are all having a decent day - if not, hang in there!  This too shall pass.


  1. Woo, hoo for energy!!! :-) Energy is good. So glad to hear that you are seeing some results (possibly from diet or from being off caffeine). I know for myself if I need to try new things (like to get over morning sickness ;-)), I don't have the patience to try one thing at a time to see what works. Oh, well. I just keep on going if I do see a change and decide to work it out later....when I am feeling better. Ha!

    Talk to you soon,
    Love ya!

  2. You? Patience? You have TONS more patience than I ever will have! Haha! If I can do it, so can you!!! Suck it up! :) You know I'm kidding! I hope what you are trying works! Here's to a nausea free pregnancy!
    Love ya!