Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Trying something new....

I remember years ago trying to find something, ANYTHING that would help with my "eczema".  I spent hundreds, probably thousands of dollars on all sorts of creams, herbs, treatments, etc.  Only to find myself going back to the steroid creams over and over and asking for something stronger. 

Now, I am looking for anything that may help this process along.  Seeing others heal at 17, 20, 24 months, etc. makes me feel somewhat discouraged.  Do not get me wrong, I am ecstatic about having a "cure".  I just wish the cure did not take so long!  I know the skin is in a huge state of healing in multiple layers.  The adrenal glands are dysfunctional.  My liver enzymes are elevated (and I am sure others are too).  The fatigue is almost too much at times.  So I understand why it takes so long to heal.  I am though not convinced that diet does not play a role in the healing process like others think.  I think the more natural, organic nutrients you provide your body, the more resources it has to heal.  And also the less detrimental food you eat, the more energy the body can free up to help the healing process.  Like I mentioned before, I am now on a very strict diet - only 3 days in so I will not elaborate on any good or bad effects yet - I think a synopsis once a week will suffice. 

But I am now looking into herbs that help heal the skin.  Here is what I learned:

Chamomile is excellent for healing the skin - it has antibacterial properties and anti inflammatory properties. You can rub a salve on your skin or drink tea.  I decided on the tea as I am trying other salves (see below).  Just bought my tea today - chamomile with lemon.  This will be great as lemon helps detoxify the liver - something I know I need. 

Aloe Vera: this helps tissue regeneration and penetrates deep into the skin.  Not going to try this yet, but it is on my list of things to try. 

Comfrey: Helps to heal and regenerate the skin quickly.  Use as a salve or a tea.  I read somewhere that ingesting too much comfrey is toxic.  So I plan to use tis as a salve only. 

Calendula: Many web sites promote this as the number one herb to have for skin healing.  Can be taken as a salve or internally. 

Today I purchased a few salves from an online store - the salves are a combination of some of the above and a few other things.  I bought a beeswax and olive oil salve today at the health food store and applied it on my skin to make sure I had no reaction to the base ingredients in the salves I ordered.  I actually really like this basic salve - it feels good on my dry skin for a few hours.  If any of you want to see what I ordered here is the website page for the salves:


I am not promoting them for any reason other than I liked their website and what they offer.  Plus the prices are very reasonable! 

My advice is to not bankrupt yourself, but do try a few things.  I know that looking into these things help to keep my mind off the pain and itch.  I am determined to try a multi-source approach to healing in order to help others in the future.  I know that regardless of what I do, I will still heal.  But if I can diminish my suffering in any way, it will be way worth it!  My goal is to get back to working full time in order to live our dream! 

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