Thursday, June 27, 2013

Desert dry skin today and ? oil in hair!

I feel like my skin is sitting out in the desert and hasn't had any water in weeks!  It is sooooo dry!  I went from being red swollen and oozing to one big dry patch!  I have some oozing here and there but it is very localized to a few areas.  I have been sweating more than usual for the past week - I still only sweat under my breasts....however I think I may be sweating here and there on my neck - a good sign.  I also noticed I had slightly oily hair yesterday - I last washed it a week ago.  That is good news too given I went 2 weeks in month 2 or 3 without washing my hair and no one could tell because it wasn't oily.  Small changes, but progress none the less. 

Another thing hit me yesterday reading through more blogs on TSW - I think I am a slow burner as someone suggested.  I did not turn red all over in the first month like many red skinners.  I started with a red neck and red patches on my arms and face.  Looking back on pictures I notice how my arms progressively became fully red.  It continues to spread ever so slowly all over - first with little vesicles, then open sores, then small red patches (or blotchiness), and then full redness.  My lower legs are breaking out with vesicles.  My upper legs have sores and small patches.  My back and abdomen have growing larger patches of redness.  It all itches and burns.  Not to mention the other areas that have been red are still red and burning and itching. I think I have to prepare myself for the long haul here and possibly with no big break.  I am just going by other people's experience, but the more I read, the more I am afraid this is the direction I am heading into.  I just wish the older areas would clear up before new areas break open.  Oh well....just have to deal with what comes my way. 

Now that I have more of my brain back I am making plans for the future.  I really want to do more to help others with this.  We have plans to move to another state as soon as I get well enough to work.  I want to find a dermatologist in that new state who would be willing to listen and to become a supporter of TSW.  I also am thinking about going back to school for my masters or doctorate in nursing.  High hopes but gives me something to focus on other than my skin! 

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