Sunday, June 16, 2013

Near crippling fatigue

Last week when I worked, I did fairly well the next day - a little more tired than normal but was able to function quite well.  Yesterday I worked again (another 12 hour shift in the ER) and today I can barely move - it is as if my muscles were pure jello.  Moving is difficult and trying to think is near impossible.  Writing this is hard.  I am forcing myself to think because I need to figure this out.  The last time I felt this way was the first few months of TSW.  I gained significant energy when I started taking vitamins and supplements.  When I stopped them one time the fatigue came roaring back.  Well I stopped them only a few days ago when I started juicing.  I figured the vitamins in the veggies I was drinking would make up for the supplements.  I think I am wrong.  I think my body needs the extra vitamins.  Especially my adrenal glands - in order to heal and work properly again, the adrenal glands need extra vitamin B's and C.  When I was taking the vitamins, my urine would be bright yellow from the excess B's my body didn't utilize.  Well, my urine hasn't turned bright yellow with the juicing.  So today I am going back to the supplements AND the juicing - hopefully the vitamins give me enough energy later today to juice.  I am so fatigued I only made a few goals for today - change my sheets, juice, and get 5 more cases done (for my at home job).  Typically I do 10-15 cases per day but today I am aiming low do to how I feel. 

Surprising my skin is not so bad - getting my monthly will cause it to be in a major flare, and it was, but today my neck is nearly clear and my arms are not as red and itchy.  Maybe another 4-5 day break approaching?  I would get a 4-5 day break from the major flare a few days after my monthly started.  This is only day 2, so maybe I am going back to my previous pattern. That would be nice!  :) 

Well that is all for now.  Too tired to go on.  Hope everyone else is having a good skin day!!

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