Monday, June 3, 2013

My own personal torture chamber...

That would be my bath tub!  I have read about other topical steroid withdrawal people loving their time in the tub.  They talk about how they look forward to bath time every day.  For me it is the opposite.  I force myself in the tub every other day.  Showers are a definite no-no.  I took one shower in the last 4 months - it was on a good day and I LOVED it - but I have yet to have another day like that where water would not sting my skin. 

Getting in the tub requires a lot of momentum and produces tons of anxiety for me.  There are days where I just can't bring myself to get in.  I know it is good for me....2 cups of dead sea salt will help to bring in minerals to my body and the anti-bacterial effects of salt are essential for all the open areas on my skin.  But gosh darn it, it BURNS and STINGS.  My arms especially are really torn up and burn the worse.  I wish there was a way for it to not feel so bad.  I have tried staying in longer than 10 minutes, thinking over time the burning would go down, but for some reason with me, it does not. 

The past 2 times I added coconut oil in - just a few teaspoons - it still stings, but my skin feels so much softer after getting out.  Plus I do not have to use as much Vaseline on my skin.  Putting coconut oil directly on my skin right now doesn't work - it causes significant itching for some reason.

So find what works for you....but remember, our skin needs hydration and something to soothe it.  My next thing to try is a little aloe vera on my skin that is not so broken, but just dry.   

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