Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Frustration is nothing new here.  Living with this almost constant flare is just plain frustrating and agonizing.  I am trying to do more as I see my husband getting tired from doing more than he should.  I am finally getting all the dishes done and am getting other simple tasks done that I have barely done the last 4 months.  I just wish I could work full time again.  Hubby is working overtime just to keeps up with the bills.  I was fortunate to have 5 years off when the kids were much younger.  I have always wanted to stay home.  But hubby asked me to go back to work when he saw the economy tanking and decided we needed to change some things in our life (like purchasing land and starting a small farm).  We bought the land but have yet to move there to start our farm.  We were supposed to go this summer but this TSW has kept us from going.  The money we saved for moving and for putting a house on our land was used initially to compensate for me not working.  So now we have to save all over again.  And we can't start saving until I go back to work.  More frustration!!  Oh well, the way we see it, God has a plan for everything, so we just need to be patient. 

My skin is so flippin itchy!!!  I have broken open my skin on my forearms and wrists again - hopefully the balms will heal them again.  They are oozing along with the other areas I have scratched - my flanks, abdomen, chest, back, groin, and back of knees.  I cannot stand that ooze smell!!  It is making me nauseated!!  My left arm is thankful not itchy and not swollen - just dry like my face.  Thinking the goldenseal balm really helped given my left arm has been swollen since month 2 I believe.  And considering I am still flaring all over, it is amazing that my left arm is not swollen.  And funny now that I think of it, it is not itchy in the areas where I put the goldenseal balm.  Hmmm....maybe I will test the waters with that one on one of my forearms where the itch is intense.  Getting ready for my evening bath soon, so I will follow up tomorrow with this.

Looking over my pictures again, I am still amazed at how much better my neck looks.  My arms are no different.  Yesterday my neck still felt awful, but today I was able to go a few hours here and there without any ice.  What a nice relief! 

Well I am off to do some of my at home computer work - I make more than 1/2 of what I was making, but it brings in something!  :)  Hope everyone is having a good skin day!  If not, remember that it will get better!!

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  1. Hi working Mom!

    Just looked at your poor thing. You've got a good camera there.

    The early days are the worst as all the rash does is spread to where it needs to spread. Am in month 14. My rashes i believe have only recently stopped spreading. i'd say a good 9 months spreading.....very scary stuff.

    One thing is for sure, we are all one day closer to 100% health skin!!!

    Happy Healing to you.