Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Something is going on here!!!

Between yesterday and today - there is something definitely changing inside me.  I woke up again multiple times last night itching - but little skin came off.  This morning my skin is pinkish - more red than pink, but definitely less red than ever.  I also woke up with little pain except some in my neck.  The back of my knees have been especially painful this past month - but this morning I got out of bed and noticed I had no pain bending my knees.  I have had a few breaks like this as I mentioned in previous posts- they last about 4-5 days before I flare again.  But there is something very different about this break.

First I am itching really really bad!  A deep bone drying itch.  Had remarkably less itching with my other breaks.  Also when I scratch my skin is no longer sloughing off like it has this whole 4 months.

Second, I had about the same energy as always with my other breaks.  Slept about the same too.  This time, I am falling over I am so tired.  I felt a lift in energy when I started back with the vitamins - and I only need 2 or 3 days to get my energy levels back to what they were.  But last night I slept about 7 hours - woke up, laid on the couch but couldn't keep my eyes open - went back to bed and slept for 3.5 more hours!!  I know I have had broken sleep these past few days but with previous broken sleep I only needed a 1-2 hour catnap to catch up.  Sleeping almost 4 more hours is craziness!

And Third, my face is significantly less dry!  It has been bone dry all these months - red too, but no real excoriation or itching too much.  It has been in a steady red dry state but today I had no pain moving my face or talking.  The dry patches are clearing up.  I did not have this with other breaks.

Oh, and fourth, the redness on my arms is not only less red, but it is now splotchy - there are actual clear skin areas on my arms!!! I never had this with other breaks - I always had redness everywhere on my arms. To see normal colored skin even in small areas on my arms is amazing!!!

All I can say is this is a nice break! I will take the excessive tiredness over pain!  I am still not feeling up to par with anything.  I am still using ice on my neck - while it is more clear than ever, I have a few areas that burn and itch, and the ice is the only thing that helps.  Also I am still having a hard time getting my body temperature controlled - mostly too cold.  I had a break from that for a while but it came back quite a few weeks ago.  Was really bad last night - was freezing most of yesterday and all night.  Very uncomfortable.  I also still have what I call brain fog.  Still not able to focus on much.  I have been an avid reader since I was a young child.  But since starting TSW, I have not been able to read - I am still on the same book from 4 months ago - can't focus enough to read.  I try but can't get through 2 -3 pages without wondering what I just read and still need to go back and re-read.  Craziness!  I can read a standard mystery novel in 2-3 days.  Something like "inferno" would take me about a week, but can't get past the first few chapters.  Oh well, hope that comes back soon!!!

Have a good evening everyone!!

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