Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Changes or Coincidence?

So many things with TSW is deemed coincidental - especially with what one thinks sets off a flare.  I have been doing an experiment on my arms the past 4 days with the new herbal salves I researched and purchased.  I saw an improvement within 2 days with the Injury-Heal balm.  Not only were the areas I gouged my arm up healing, but I was getting significant pain only in the areas where I put that specific balm on.  It was at least 3-4 times worse than my typical pain I deal with.  It is a deep pain - I am beginning to wonder if it is nerves healing.

Currently I am at week 17 (in 2 days that is) and will officially be done with month 3 on the 14th!  Hoping month 4 is not any worse, maybe some more noticeable healing to come?

I have put the Injury-Heal balm on my left wrist and behind left knee.  I started adding it to troubled spots the past 2 days - like a sore on my right breast and my neck - I can say the sore on my breast is completely healed in just 2 days and my neck is looking much better.  Again coincidence?  Not thinking it is due to the healing on my wrist/forearm being significant in 2 days while my neck continued to flare and now my neck is feeling better when other places continue to remain the same.  It doesn't take away the redness and it doesn't take away the edema.  Right now it is just healing the surface scratches - that I can tell.  Now the Comfrey balm I am putting on my right wrist and behind my right knee.  No significant difference there.  But I am planning to keep at this for 2 weeks given these things take time to work.

On my face I put what is called Baby balm.  It is soothing, but doesn't seem to help.  The pictures below show my face about where it has been - just very dry and tight.  It doesn't itch too much and I don't have too much pain on my face - a good thing!

Now for the Goldenseal balm - this I bought for infections as goldenseal has antimicrobial properties.  I put that on my left upper arm where I have a lot of pain, swelling, and constant itch for the past few months consistently. I don't think it is infected, but the fact that it is by far the worse area on my body I figured I would try it.

The last balm is my simple balm - just olive oil and beeswax.

Please do not mind the pictures - I was having a hard time getting the exposure and lighting just right to show the redness.

Here are my balms

Left wrist 2 days ago

Left wrist today - redness is actually the same - just taken in 2 different lighting areas.  This is blurry but the scratches on right side are definitely more healed.

Right wrist 2 days ago

Right arm today - again the redness is actually the same and I didn't take the exact same shot - but looking at my wrist tonight and looking at the picture - there is a little change in the scratched area right below where the redness starts - that is looking more healed today.  

This was taken 2 weeks ago

This is from today and I see a big difference in my neck - however it feels the same as 2 weeks ago!  Can't go a minute without my ice!

Back of my neck 2 weeks ago

Back of neck today - again looks better but for some reason it still hurts and itches like it did 2 weeks ago.  

Face 2 weeks ago

Face today - I notice it looks similar - but the scratched areas are healing.  This is typical of how my scratches heal - they take forever - which is why I was excited to see the quick healing on my left wrist. 

Just a shot of the back of my left arm - very swollen and much more red than the picture depicts.  

And this is my face - it has been like this nearly from the beginning - just super dry and flaky - red (but not as red as my arms) and thankfully not very painful.  

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  1. Hey Tracy,this is Crystal ,i own the blog eczema-suffers :) I dont know where to reply your messages on tumblr so i guess its the best to post it here :)
    Its really nice to hear from you,Thank you for sharing your pictures of your healing journey! You're doing such an amazing job,you're very brave, your blog gives me lots of encouragement,i can see that your skin is red,itchy,flaking and oozing but there will be an end!

    hopefully you will come out of it and take a big leap forward in healing! I can't wait for the day when each of us is 100% healed! Sending you lots of positive energy!!

    Best of luck, hang in there!