Sunday, June 9, 2013

Bad Flare and Herbal Salves

Well, my flare continued to get worse last night and this morning.  I actually had my shirt stuck to my skin - OUCH!  I jumped in the tub and upon getting out, put on some of my new salve I got in the mail yesterday.  I only tried 2 of them and only in a few small select areas - had to make sure I had no reaction.  I then put on the simple salve - with only beeswax and olive oil - on the rest of my body instead of vaseline.  The good news is I was pain free and itch free for 2 hours!  But after 2 hours my skin started to tingle and then itch and then flare.  Within another 2 hours I was scratching like mad!  I get this with the vaseline as well.  But considering I did not have any reactions, I will continue with my new salves and simple salve to see how my skin progresses with these.

These are my new salves!  They all smell so wonderful!  The dream balm is to use right before sleep - apply a little to the temples and it has a very nice calming effect to help go to sleep.  Doesn't help with the itching, but it helped some with my nightly anxiety.  

My left wrist this morning - the flash seems to take out some of the redness as my skin looks much redder than this.  

My right wrist - will post pictures once a week or so to see if there is any difference.  I doubt there will be any significant changes, but again, I am taking a multi-system all natural approach to healing at this point.  

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