Sunday, June 30, 2013

Bad Times

Not sure I have the energy to keep blogging - looking back I see nothing but depressing posts - but after looking at other warrior posts, I guess this is the worst of times.  It seems the first 4-6 months are the absolute worst.  That makes sense.  But I guess I wasn't expecting things to progressively worsen throughout this whole time.  I was status quo for a little while, but the past month has just brought me back down to where I was emotionally in the beginning.  I was doing OK but for some reason this week just weakened me emotionally - especially the last 3 days.  Last night I broke down crying again - the pain seems to never end.  My skin was just burning all over and I went to take a salt bath - just kept burning.  When I went to rinse off, it burned even worse - something it has not done in the past.  But then again we were staying over night at a hotel while visiting family in another city.  At home here we have well water.  I think the city water that is treated with chemicals caused the worsening burning of my skin.  Oh well - another bad day - but I guess one more day closer to healing right?

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  1. That's right, you are another day closer to 100% healed skin!!