Monday, June 17, 2013

Purple Power Juice, Dry to the Bone, and Itch Fest!

Today we tried the purple power juice - red cabbage, beet, cucumber, carrot, apple, lemon, celery and spinach.  Doesn't sound good I know, but for some reason the exact amount of each from the recipe makes it blend together so it actually tastes good!  Not great, but good enough to sip down without feeling nauseated!  The cabbage is what makes this juice powerful indeed - lots of power in the GI tract!  UGH!  But over all I am pleased with the juicing - especially since I bought a new juicer that makes the juicing go much quicker!!!  My other juicer was a masticating one that took only small pieces and took a long time to juice.  Not to mention all the cutting!! 

Today I have a bit more energy now that I am back on the vitamins.  I think I will continue with them until I can juice more (2-3 times per day) but right now I only have the energy to juice once a day.  Hopefully in a few days my energy will be back to what it was before I stopped my vitamins.

Last night was awful!  I had the biggest itch fest ever!  It started late evening and I was able to fall asleep around 1 am with Benadryl.  Then I woke up at 3 am itching like mad - fell asleep around 4-4:30, back up at 6am itching like mad again - fell asleep at 7am and woke up after 10am.  It was by far the worst - I have woken up, scratched a few times and fell back to sleep.  But this was the very very deep itch - the one that cannot be sated with rubbing.  Luckily I cut my nails yesterday or I fear the damage would have been so much worse.  I woke up though with skin that had only a few new scratches.  My skin is so much less red today with barely any swelling!  No pain except in just a few areas.  Hopefully this is a 4-5 day break - it is much needed! 

The only major issue today is my face - it is soooooo dry and flaky and tight!  I can barely move it or talk without pain.  It is the only part of me with swelling right now.  It is not as red as before.  But the dryness is deep and painful.  It doesn't itch much which I am happy for.  Now I just have to bring myself to get the nerve up to exfoliate it with a washcloth and put some salve on it.  It is painful to do, but at the end it feels significantly better.  I just can't bring myself to bring on more pain when it is so painful already.  I will give myself a deadline and just get it done! 

Well off to get some work done now that I have a bit more energy! 

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